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23 November 2023
Spin-off Austria Conference 2023

Welcome to the Spin-off Austria Conference 2023!

The success of academic entrepreneurship isn't a solo endeavor. It relies on an intricate web of stakeholders: from researchers and entrepreneurs to university leaders, investors, public service officials, corporates, and many others.

On November 23rd, we'll be hosting the 4th Spin-off Austria Conference, bringing together these diverse voices for a rich dialogue. Our collective efforts aim to cultivate an environment in Austria that is genuinely conducive to spin-offs.

Together, let's strategize on amplifying the number of spin-offs in Austria, and craft an ecosystem that bolsters innovation and scalability.

The conference will feature enlightening keynotes by global experts in academic entrepreneurship and in-depth panel discussions on the latest trends and critical concerns.

Join the dialogue and register for the Online Conference (10.00-14.30) and/or our evening Event at the WKÖ’s Christoph Leitl Lounge in Vienna (18.00 - 21.30).

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